About Stephen Pigney

My background is in academia as a researcher and lecturer in History at the University of London. I am primarily a cultural and intellectual historian with a focus on early modern British and European history (i.e. the period c.1500-c.1800) although my interests often extend widely outside these areas. In early 2014 I left academia to become an independent researcher and freelance writer and tutor.

You can find more about me at my website: stephenpigney.com. If you would like to contact me, please use the contact form below or that on my personal website.


About Sex and History

Sex and History stems from an undergraduate course I once designed and taught on ‘Sex and sexuality in Europe, 1100-1800’. Two principles inform the site: first, to present the type of material that an undergraduate student would find useful; second, to do so in a way that is interesting and accessible to a general audience. Increasingly, with the development (by both universities and independent providers) of open access e-learning resources, and the potential of blogs, social media, etc. to be platforms for educational material, it is likely that the traditionally institutionalized form of study and teaching will undergo transformation. Sex and History is one of my current projects exploring these possibilities.

My intention is initially to create a body of content, all of which will appear on the Archive page. Once a sufficient amount of content has been added to the site I will then add new pages which present that material thematically. In this way I hope that the site can be followed as one might a blog posts, while also presenting material in structured ways akin to an educational resource.

Given my background and the title of the course from which Sex and History derives, the focus of the site will primarily be on the history of pre-modern sex—however, I have imposed no rule to that effect. I intend the material to be varied, including discussion of theory, historiography, behaviour, images, texts and ideas; I hope that it will be interesting, informative, thought-provoking and useful both to students and to general readers.

Sex and History will be an ongoing development and is at present in its early stages. I welcome any questions, feedback and comments—please use the form below to contact me.